G. Christopher Crawford

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Assistant Professor
University of Tampa


  • 1992, University of Toledo, BBA in Intl Business Mgmt
  • 2002, Miami University, MBA in Marketing
  • 2013, University of Louisville, Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship

Research Interests

Entrepreneurship   Nonlinear Research Methods   Organization Theory  

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Dr. G. Christopher Crawford is an Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship in the Sykes College of Business at University of Tampa (it's his first semester in Tampa after four years at Rutgers University in New Jersey). After working in industry for two decades and founding his own consulting company, he received his PhD in Entrepreneurship from the University of Louisville in 2013. His teaching of entrepreneurship, leadership, and strategic management to undergraduates, MBAs, PhDs, and Executives has received university-wide recognition at Ohio University, University of Louisville, Miami University (Oxford), Free University of Bolzano (Italy), the Seoul School of Integrated Science and Technology (aSSIST, South Korea), and Rutgers University (at RU Northeast Normal in Changchun, China, and at Rutgers Business School in Newark and New Brunswick). Dr. Crawford is a Fellow at the Kauffman Foundation, and his Rock Star Theory—which suggests that the primary drivers of outlier outcomes (for individuals, startups, new technology, corporate innovations) are Endowments, Expectations, Engagement, and Environments—recently completed a $200,000 grant from the National Science Foundation, Science of Organizations Program. A high-level review of the theory is summarized here: https://youtu.be/eQ5zp8Okdis.


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  2716 Country Woods Lane Palm Harbor, FL 34683


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