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Create an Account and Try a Search

Learn how to create an account using your institutional email and try out a funding opportunity search using keywords and filters.


Create a Researcher Profile

Create a researcher profile to showcase your publications and scholarly work. You can also enable automatic and personalized grant recommendations that are tailored to your research interests extracted from your profile information.

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Keep Track of Funding Opportunities from Favorite Sponsors

Monitor funding opportunities from your favorite sponsors to ensure you stay updated on their latest release.

Learn Strategic Information

Search for other critical information, including relevant sponsors, upcoming grants, and funded awards, to prepare for your grant-seeking strategy.


Comprehensive Guides


GrantForward Researcher Welcome Guide

Navigate and maximize all features available for regular users from performing a keyword search, adding filters, getting alerts, to receiving personalized recommendations.


GrantForward Administrator Welcome Guide

Navigate and maximize all features available for administrators from deploying GrantForward, managing users, to communicating and disseminating grants to faculty.