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New Opportunities
New  National Safe Boating Council: Boating Safety Youth Award
New  B&O Railroad Museum: 2015 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships
New  National Gem Consortium: MS Engineering Fellowship Program
New  National Gem Consortium: Ph.D. Science Fellowship
Upcoming Deadlines
Bliss, Gross, Horowitz Fund
Light-Duty Motor Vehicle Purchase or Lease Incentive Program
Anne Emery Kyllo Professional Scholarship
Grant Forward News
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01/12/2014  We are increasing our focus on making a better product for you, and your suggestions will play a big role in it!
Happy New Year to all researchers on Grant Forward!
10/27/2014  Some of our customers gave us feedback regarding their CVs showing up on Google Search. We already worked it out and removed all CV entries from Google. Further crawling is also prohibited so it will not happen again.
We are sorry for your inconvenience!
10/03/2014  The recommendation page is now reworked as well. Build your profile, find compatible grants to your research work, and receive recommendation emails monthly now!
You can visit your recommendation page here.
Grant Forward 2.0 new!
Welcome to a new and improved Grant Forward!

Over the past year, we've made numerous improvements, including adding thousands of new opportunities, adding and sharpening new search features, and developing this new, modern interface.

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Key Features on Grant Forward
Funding Opportunity
Funding Opportunity Search
  •   Search for funding opportunities spread across 39 subject areas and 2009 categories
  •   Large Database of Sponsors comprising Foundation, Federal and Institutions
  •   Set up alerts and get opportunities delivered straight to your inbox
Researcher Profiles
Researcher Profiles
  •   Infers researcher's interests from publication pages and other sources to identify funding opportunities that match
  •   Each funding opportunity is matched to researchers based on research interests and career stage
Administration Console
Administration Console
  •   Easily coordinate limited submissions by specifying contact information, internal submission deadlines, and other instructions
  •   Annotate opportunities with institution specific information and instantaneously disseminate the opportunities to appropriate faculty or researchers
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Anne Butler
Sponsored Programs and Research Assistant Center for Scholarship and Faculty Development Seattle Pacific University
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Grant Forward was launched in July 2012 and serves in excess of 125 research and educational institutions such as Stanford, Yale, Cornell and Johns Hopkins.

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