Jeniffer Sams

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Assistant Instructor
Department of Education
Indiana University System


  • Doctorate Student, Indiana University Bloomington
  • Master's in Art Education, University of Florida
  • BS, Art History, East Tennessee State University

Research Interests

Sustainability Art Education   Environmental Art   Sustainability Education  

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My name is Jeniffer Sams and I was born in West Palm Beach, Florida. I have had the advantage of living in several cities, affording me the opportunity to experience various cultures, explore numerous museums, as well as appreciating the uniqueness of each locality. Additionally, the fortunate circumstance of being able to travel to other countries has further broadened my perspective on culture, art, history, environmental concerns, museums, and life. I am currently in the doctorate program at Indiana University Bloomington for Art Education and I am an Associate Instructor in my department. I completed my Masters degree in Art Education at the University of Florida on August 10, 2012. I graduated from East Tennessee State University in May 2010 with an Interdisciplinary Bachelor's degree in Art History and a minor in Education. With a broadened view of cultures, arts, museums, history, and religions I am excited to continue toward a life-long learning toward expanding my proficiency in art history, environmental art education, museum education, world cultures/cultural interactions, art education, French, Italian, religious studies, and developing additional skills, which will contribute toward my personal growth as well as develop my educational and career path in a field I adore. I continually research, strive, and work to contribute to environmental education through the arts. To make lasting changes for the local and global cultures, attitudes regarding environmental stewardship and sustainability must change. The scale of change needed to shift our current environmental decay is often considered so foreboding, massive, out of our hands or simply perceived to be a hoax. All these perceptions are not only incorrect, they are dangerous to our planet and her inhabitants. The arts have long played a key role in social change and cultural shifts. Art has the ability to cross boundaries to create messages which are able to invoke visceral responses to the current state of the environment. The use of shocking environmental issues must be counter-manned with a hands-on eco & art lesson inspiring students to see that they can affect change and make concrete meaning of their contributions. Art education used in conjunction with environmental education has a strong potential to build a bridge connecting cultural change with responsible environmental stewardship.


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List of Publications (5)
In 2014

Jeniffer Sams and Doreen Sams (2014). Both Authors Contributed Equally. "Art Education asa Vehicle for Social Change: Eco Art in the K-12 Classroom an Empirical Study," Submitted to Studies in Art Education, June 2014.

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Doreen Sams and Jeniffer Sams (2014) "Creativity and the Business Model," Expected submission 2014.

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Sams, Jeniffer and Petry, Samantha (2014) "Rights of the Child Medallions," AEAI 2014 Fort Wayne Conference, Both Authors Contributed Equally).

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In 2013

Graves, Jean and Sams, Jeniffer (2013) "Museum and Distance Learning: What's In It For You," AEAI 2013 Indianapolis Conference, (Both Authors Contributed Equally).

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In 2012

Sams, Jeniffer (2012) "An Empirical Examination of the Feasibility of Online EducationProgram: The Museum of Arts and Sciences," University of Florida Master's Thesis.

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