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Portland State University

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This research provides the opportunity to investigate oceanic ecosystems including ecology of single species or taxa, species interactions and food web dynamics, species diversity patterns, and trends over time. Both empirical and theoretical research problems ... considered ineligible. Generally, research performed in collaboration with scientists at a sponsoring...
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for critical thinking, with a focus on analytical writing, data analysis, as well as visual and oral presentation. It also provides networking opportunities with campus officials in charge of internships, research experiences, off-campus study, assistant teaching ... and campus employment. On-campus housing is provided and each Scholar receives a...
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Studies, Kyung Hee University, Gwangneung Campus, Namyangju, Gyeonggi Established in 1984, the Graduate Institute of Peace Studies at Kyung Hee University represents its long history in the pursuit of peace under its founder and first president, Dr. Young Seek ... Studies campus in Namyangju (known as the Gwangneung Campus). Founded, as it...
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The Faculty of Education at the University of Alberta is consistently one of the top faculties of education in Canada and is home to award-winning teachers, internationally recognized researchers, educational innovators, and community leaders ... The Faculty's strategic priorities include transformative teaching, learning and leading, Indigenous...
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between experimentation, initiation to regular use and dual use among different populations. Topics may include tobacco industry marketing such as advertising, digital media, and promotions. Priorities include: - Methods, measures, and study designs to best ... Training Mechanisms website. The objective of the NIH Pathway to Independence Award (K99/R00) is to help outstanding...
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the Alaska Fisheries Science Center's (AFSC) ecosystem-based fisheries management (EBFM), and Strategic Science Plan. We propose the monitoring of food web structure for the EBS through retrospective analysis of zooplankton, fish and northern fur seals using ... and bottom-up control of higher trophic levels (Oscillating Control Hypothesis). The understanding of trophic...
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Please Note: This Research Opportunity is only available for the February 1 deadline. Our goal is to quantify how physical and biological processes structure food web dynamics and impact fish communities in a regime of species invasions, habitat ... manipulation, and climate change. Research opportunities include (1) impact of invasive species on food...
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for algal toxin accumulation and impact in specific food webs under multiple bloom scenarios and to predict future animal mortality events. Work to be completed- The objectives for the proposed Alaska-based regional ECOHAB food web study will be addressed in all ... ECOHAB: Trophic Transfer & Effects of HAB toxins in Alaskan Marine...
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a multiplicity of forms, techniques, and histories that stem from all over the world and include many different styles -- such as but not limited to aerial, African diasporic dances, Alaskan Native dances, ballet, bharatanatyam, butoh, capoeira, dance films, flamenco ... to respond to current events. Document and preserve choreography, performance, and other aspects of dance...
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Cultural Resource Management (museum studies; historic preservation in an international context; architectural, art conservation; management of historical and archaeological sites, districts, and monuments; and management of arts organizations; American Studies ... American history, American literature, American political culture, visual...
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