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Biology Department
University of West Georgia


  • Ph.D. in Natural Resources from the University of New Hampshire.
  • M.S. in Forest Biology from the University of Georgia.
  • B.S. in Biology from Mercer University.

Research Interests

  And Replacement of N in These Ecosystems. The Ultimate Goal of This Research Program Is to Provide Critical Information for the Development of More Ecologically Sound Burning Regimes for the Long Term Sustainable Management of Fire Maintained Forest Ecosystems in the Southeastern United States.   Current Research Addresses the Patterns and Controls of Nitrogen Cycling Dynamics in Pine Forests With a Primary Focus on the Effects of Prescribed Burning on the Loss  

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List of Publications (20)
In 2012

Aubrey, D.P., B. Mortazavi, J.J. O'Brien. J.D. McGee, J.J. Hendricks, K.A. Kuehn, R.O. Teskey, and R.J. Mitchell. 2012. Influence of repeated canopy scorching on soil CO2 efflux. Forest Ecology and Management 282: 142-148.

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In 2010

Hendricks, J.J., and L.R. Boring. 1992. Litter quality of native herbaceous legumes in a burned pine forest of the Georgia Piedmont. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 22: 2007-2010.

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In 2008

Guo, D., R.J. Mitchell, J.M. Withington, P.P. Fan, and J.J. Hendricks. 2008. Endogenous and exogenous controls of root lifespan, mortality and nitrogen flux in a longleaf pine forest: root branch order predominates. Journal of Ecology 96: 737-745.

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Guo, D., H. Li, R.J. Mitchell, W. Han, J.J. Hendricks, T.J. Fahey, and R.L. Hendrick. 2008. Fine root heterogeneity by branch order: exploring the discrepancy in root turnover estimates between minirhizotron and carbon isotopic methods. New Phytologist 177: 443-456.

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In 2007

Sims, S.E., J.J. Hendricks, R.J. Mitchell, K.A. Kuehn, and S.A. Pecot. 2007. Nitrogen decreases and precipitation increases ectomycorrhizal extramatrical mycelia production in a longleaf pine forest. Mycorrhiza 17: 299-309.

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In 2006

Hendricks, J.J., R.J. Mitchell, K.A. Kuehn, S.D. Pecot, and S.E. Sims. 2006. Measuring external mycelia production of ectomycorrhizal fungi in the field: the soil matrix matters. New Phytologist 171: 179-186.

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Hendricks, J.J., R.L. Hendrick, C.A. Wilson, R.J. Mitchell, S.D. Pecot, and D. Guo. 2006. Assessing the patterns and controls of fine toot dynamics: an empirical test and methodological review. Journal of Ecology 94: 40-57.

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In 2004

Boring, L.R., C.A. Wilson, J.J. Hendricks, and R.J. Mitchell. Season of burn and nutrient losses in a longleaf pine ecosystem. 2004. International Journal of Wildland Fire 13: 443-453.

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Hendricks, J.J., R.J. Mitchell, K.M. Green, T.L. Crocker, and J.G. Yarbrough. 2004. Assessing the nitrogen-15 concentration of plant-available soil nitrogen. Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis 35: 1207-1217.

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Carter, D.C., J.J. Hendricks, R.J. Mitchell, and S.D. Pecot. 2004. Fine root carbon allocation and fates in longleaf pine forests. Forest Science 50: 177-187.

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Guo, D.L., R.J. Mitchell, and J.J. Hendricks. 2004. Fine root branch orders respond differentially to carbon source-sink manipulations in a longleaf pine forest. Oecologia 140: 450-457.

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In 2003

Hiers, J.K., R.J. Mitchell, L.R. Boring, J.J. Hendricks, and R. Wyatt. 2003. The effects of fire season on N2-fixation rates of native legumes in longleaf pine savannas. New Phytologist 157: 327-338.

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In 2002

Hendricks, J.J., C.A. Wilson, and L.R. Boring. 2002. Foliar litter position and decomposition in a fire-maintained longleaf pine-wiregrass ecosystem. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 32: 928-941.

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Wilson, C.A., R.J. Mitchell, L.R. Boring, and J.J. Hendricks. 2002. Soil nitrogen dynamics in a fire-maintained forest ecosystem: results over a 3-year burn interval. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 34: 679-689.

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In 2000

Hendricks, J.J., J.D. Aber, K.J. Nadelhoffer, and R.D. Hallett. 2000. Nitrogen controls on fine root substrate quality in temperate forest ecosystems. Ecosystems 3: 57-69.

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In 1999

Wilson, C.A., R.J. Mitchell, J.J. Hendricks, and L.R. Boring. 1999. Patterns and controls of ecosystem function across a complex environmental gradient in longleaf pine-wiregrass savannas: I. nitrogen dynamics. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 29: 752-760.

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Hendricks, J.J., and L.R. Boring. 1999. N2-fixation by native herbaceous legumes in burned pine ecosystems of the southeastern United States. Forest Ecology and Management 113: 167-177.

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In 1997

Hendricks, J.J., K.J. Nadelhoffer, and J.D. Aber. 1997. A 15N tracer technique for assessing fine root production and turnover. Oecologia 112: 300-304.

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Magill, A.H., J.D. Aber, J.J. Hendricks, R.D. Bowden, J.M. Melillo, and P.A. Steudler. 1997. Biogeochemical responses of forest ecosystems to simulated chronic nitrogen deposition. Ecological Applications 7: 402-415.

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In 1993

Hendricks, J.J., K.J. Nadelhoffer, and J.D. Aber. 1993. Assessing the role of fine roots in carbon and nutrient cycling. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 8:174-178.

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