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List of Publications (29)
In 2013

R. D. Niederriter, J. T. Gopinath and M. E. Siemens, "Measurement of the M2 beam propagation factor using a focus-tunable liquid lens," Applied Optics 52, 1591-1598 (2013).

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R. D. Niederriter, A. M. Watson, R. N. Zahreddine, C. J. Cogswell, R. H. Cormack, V. M. Bright, and J. T. Gopinath, "Electrowetting lenses for compensating phase and curvature distortion in arrayed laser systems," Applied Optics 52, 3172 (2013).

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A. M. Jones and J. T. Gopinath, "Fast-to-slow axis mode imaging for brightness enhancement of a broad-area laser diode array," Accepted for publication in Optics Express, July 2013 .

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In 2012

J. T. Gopinath, V. M. Bright, C. C. Cogswell, R. D. Niederriter, A. Watson, R. Zahreddine, and R. H. Cormack, "Simulation of electrowetting lens and prism arrays for wavefront compensation," Applied Optics 51, 6618-6623 (2012).

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In 2011

P. W. Juodawlkis, J. J. Plant, W. Loh, L. Missaggia, F. O'Donnell, D. C. Oakley, A. Napoleone,, J. Klamkin, J. T. Gopinath, D. J. Ripin, S. Gee, P. J. Delfyett, and J. P. Donnelly, "High-Power, Low-Noise 1.5-?m Slab-Coupled Optical Waveguide (SCOW) Emitters: Physics, Devices, and Applications," IEEE J. of Sel. Top. in Quant. Electron. 17, 1698-1714 (2011).

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In 2010

K-H Hong, J. T. Gopinath, D. Rand, A. M. Siddiqui, S-W Huang, E Li, B. J. Eggleton, J. D. Hybl, T. Y. Fan, and F. X. Kaertner, "High-energy, kHz-repetition-rate, ps cryogenic Yb:YAG chirped-pulse amplifier," Optics Letters 35, 1752-1754 (2010).

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In 2008

J. T. Gopinath, B. Chann, T.Y. Fan, and Antonio Sanchez, "1450-nm high-brightness wavelength-beam combined diode arrays and stacks," Optics Express 16, 9405-9410 (2008).

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K.-H. Hong, A. Siddiqui, J. Moses, J. T. Gopinath, J. Hybl, F. O. Ilday, T. Y. Fan, and F. X. Kaertner, "Generation of 287-W, 5.5-ps pulses at 78-MHz repetition rate from a cryogenically cooled Yb:YAG amplifier seeded by a fiber chirped-pulse amplification system," Optics Letters 33, 2473-2475 (2008).

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In 2006

J. J. Plant, J. T. Gopinath, B. Chann, D. J. Ripin, R. K. Huang, and P. W. Juodawlkis, "250 mW, 1.5 micron monolithic passively mode-locked slab-coupled optical waveguide laser," Optics Letters 31, 223-225 (2006).

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J. T. Gopinath, B. Chann, R. K. Huang, C. Harris, J. J. Plant, L. Missaggia, J. P. Donnelly, P. W. Juodawlkis, and D. J. Ripin, "980-nm monolithic passively modelocked diode lasers with 62 pJ of pulse energy," IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 19, 937-939 (2006).

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In 2005

F. J. Grawert, F. O. Ilday, D. Kielpinski, J. T. Gopinath, L. A. Kolodziejski, G. S. Petrich, E. P. Ippen, and F. X. Kaertner, "Q-switch suppression in an Er-doped waveguide laser with an intracavity loss modulator," Optics Letters 30, 1066-1068 (2005).

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P. T. Rakich, H. Sotobayashi, J. T. Gopinath, S. G. Johnson, J. W. Sickler, C. W. Wong, J. D. Joannopoulos, and E. P. Ippen, "Nano-scale photonic crystal microcavity characterization with an all-fiber-based 1.2 - 2.0 micron supercontinuum," Optics Express 13, 821-825 (2005).

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F. J. Grawert, S. Akiyama, J. T. Gopinath, F. O. Ilday, H. M. Shen, J. Liu, K. Wada, L. C. Kimerling, E. P. Ippen, and F. X. Kaertner, "220 fs Er-Yb:glass laser mode-locked by a broadband low-loss Si/Ge saturable absorber," Optics Letters 30, 329-331 (2005).

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J. T. Gopinath, H. M. Shen, H. Sotobayashi, E. P. Ippen, T. Hasegawa, T. Nagashima, and N. Sugimoto, "Highly nonlinear bismuth-oxide fiber for supercontinuum generation and femtosecond pulse compression," Journal of Lightwave Technology 23, 3591 - 3596 (2005).

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In 2004

S. N. Tandon, J. T. Gopinath, H. M. Shen, G. S. Petrich, L. A. Kolodziejski, F. X. Kaertner, and E. P. Ippen, "Large area broadband saturable bragg reflectors using oxidized AlAs." Optics Letters 29, 2551-2553 (2004).

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H. Sotobayashi, J. T. Gopinath, Y. Takushima, K. Hsu, and E. P. Ippen, "Broadband wavelength tunable, single frequency, and single polarization Bismuth Oxide-based Erbium-doped fiber laser." IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 16, 1628-1630 (2004).

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R. P. Prasankumar, I. Hartl, J. T. Gopinath, E. P. Ippen, J. G. Fujimoto, P. Mak and M. F. Ruane, "Design and characterization of semiconductor-doped silica film saturable absorbers," Journal of the Optical Society of America B (Optical Physics) 21, 851-857 (2004).

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H. Sotobayashi, J. T. Gopinath, E. M. Koontz, L. A. Kolodziejski, and E. P. Ippen, "Wavelength tunable, passively mode-locked Bismuth Oxide-based Erbium-doped fiber laser," Optics Communications 237 no. 4-6, 399-403 (2004).

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S. N. Tandon, J. T. Gopinath, A. A. Erchak, G. S. Petrich, L. A. Kolodziejski, and E. P. Ippen. "Large area oxidation of AlAs layers for dielectric stacks and thick buried oxides," Journal of Electronic Materials 33, 774-779 (2004).

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J. T. Gopinath, H. M. Shen, H. Sotobayashi, E. P. Ippen, T. Hasegawa, T. Nagashima, and N. Sugimoto, "Highly nonlinear bismuth-oxide fiber for smooth supercontinuum generation at 1.5 micron," Optics Express 12, 5697-5702 (2004).

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J. T. Gopinath, M. Soljacic, E. P. Ippen, V. N. Fuflyigin, W. A. King, and M. Shurgalin, "Third-order nonlinearities in Ge-As-Se-based glasses for telecommunications applications". Journal of Applied Physics 96, 6931-6933 (2004). Also appeared as an Invited Paper in Virtual Journal of Ultrafast Science December 2004.

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In 2003

H. Sotobayashi, J. T. Gopinath, and E. P. Ippen,"23 cm long Bi2O3-based EDFA for picosecond pulse amplification with 80 nm gain bandwidth," Electronics Letters 39, 1374-1375 (2003).

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T. R. Schibli, J. Kim, O. Kuzucu, J. T. Gopinath, S. N. Tandon, G. S. Petrich, L. A. Kolodziejski,J. G. Fujimoto, E. P. Ippen, and F. X. Kaertner, "Attosecond active synchronization of passively mode-locked lasers using balanced cross-correlation," Optics Letters 28, 947-949 (2003).

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J. T. Gopinath, H. Sotobayashi, and E. P. Ippen, "Broadband amplification of picosecond pulses in a 23 cm length of Bi2O3-based Erbium-doped fiber," OSA TOPS 92 (Optical Amplifiers and Their Applications), 50-53 (2003).

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In 2002

D. J. Ripin, C. Chudoba, J. T. Gopinath, J. G. Fujimoto, E. P. Ippen, U. Morgner, F. X. Kartner, V. Scheuer, G. Angelow, and T. Tschudi, "Generation of 20-fs pulses by a prismless Cr4+:YAG laser." Optics Letters 27, 61-63 (2002).

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K. S. Abedin, J. T. Gopinath, E. P. Ippen, C.E. Kerbage, R. S. Windeler, and B. J. Eggleton, "Highly nondegenerate femtosecond four-wave mixing in tapered microstructure fiber." Applied Physics Letters 81, 1384-1387 (2002).

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K. S. Abedin, J. T. Gopinath, L. A. Jiang, M. E. Grein, H. A. Haus, and E. P. Ippen, "Selfstabilized passive, harmonically mode-locked stretched pulse Erbium fiber ring laser." Optics Letters 27, 1758-1760 (2002).

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D. J. Ripin, J. T. Gopinath, H. M. Shen, G. S. Petrich, L. A. Kolodziejski, F. X. Kaertner, and E. P. Ippen, "Oxidized GaAs/AlAs mirror with a quantum-well saturable absorber for ultrashort-pulse Cr4+:YAG laser." Optics Communications 214, 285-289 (2002).

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In 2001

J. T. Gopinath, E. R. Thoen, E. M. Koontz, M. E. Grein, L. A. Kolodziejski, E. P. Ippen, and J. P. Donnelly, "Recovery dynamics in proton-bombarded semiconductor saturable absorber mirrors." Applied Physics Letters 78, 3409-3411 (2001).

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