Mary Soots

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Adjunct Instructor
Portland State University


  • MA, Portland State University

Research Interests

Environmental   Geography   Hispanic Communities in Oregon  

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Mary Soots is a social researcher and policy analyst who helps to build bridges of understanding across cultures. Her work for various governments, as well as non-profit and commercial endeavors has helped to set policy and create equity in various areas. Her work with the Hispanic community in Oregon over the past 25 years has provided a long-term view of changes in that demographic in our community. Mary holds a Master's Degree in Anthropology from Portland State University. She also holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in International Studies with a Latin America focus, and Anthropology, as well as Minor Degrees in Spanish and in Geography. As an environmentalist, Mary helped to co-found a non-profit organization on Mt. Hood that is working to create environmental and economic sustainability in that community. When not working, Mary enjoys hiking, traveling, and golfing.


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