Nikolas Xiros

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Associate Professor

Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

University of New Orleans

  • Dr. Eng., Naval Arch. & Marine Eng., National Technical Univ. of Athens, 2001
  • Engineer Degree, Electrical & Computer Eng., National Technical Univ. of Athens, 1995
Research Interests
Frequency Domain   Dominant Nonlinear Dynamics   Performance Prediction  

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Nikolas Xiros is an Assoc. Prof. of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at the University of New Orleans. His career spans more than 15 years in both industry and academia and his expertise lies within the fields of marine, electrical and ocean engineering. He holds an electrical engineer's degree and a marine engineering doctorate. His research interests are process modeling and simulation, system dynamics, identification and control, reliability, signal and data analysis. He is author of several technical papers and Springer monograph 'Robust Control of Diesel Ship Propulsion'. He is in train of preparing three more volumes on watercraft and ocean engineering as well as nonlinear systems.
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Frequency Domain   Dominant Nonlinear Dynamics   Performance Prediction  
List of Publications (4)
In 2013

A frequency-domain, finite-order representation of a catenary risers dominant nonlinear dynamics. Ioannis K. Chatjigeorgiou, D.C. Kazangas, N. Xiros

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In 2011

Virtual damperspring system for VIV experiments and hydrokinetic energy conversion. J. H. Lee, N. Xiros, M. M. Bernitsas

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In 2007

Remarks on wind turbine power absorption increase by including the axial force due to the radial pressure gradient in the general momentum theory. M. I. Xiros, N. I. Xiros

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In 1999

Simulation of the overall ship propulsion plant for performance prediction and control. N. P. Kyrtatos, P. Theodossopoulos, Engineer G. Theotokatos, Engineer N. Xiros

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