Patrick Leland

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Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Loyola University New Orleans


  • Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University

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I specialize in the history of early and late modern philosophy, with a particular focus on Kant and 18th-19th century German philosophy. My dissertation examined the development of Kant's philosophy of mind from 1755 to 1781, and my current research builds on this work. I am particularly interested in two issues. The first concerns Kant's commitment to the semantic primacy of judgment. This is the view ' common to contemporary semantic pragmatists ' that conceptual content is explanatorily dependent on its occurrence in the propositional contents expressed through acts of judgment. The second issue concerns Kant's commitment to unconscious mental content. I examine some neglected passages in Kant's 'pre-Critical' writings; interpret them with reference to the writings of his predecessors and contemporaries; and argue Kant had a substantial and enduring commitment to unconscious mental content. This, in turn, sheds new light on central features of Kant's mature philosophy of mind, as well as the development of thought about unconscious mental content prior to the 19th century.


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List of Publications (5)
In 2012

"Kant and the Semantic Primacy of Judgment," Department of Philosophy, Loyola University New Orleans, January 2012

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In 2011

"Kant on Perceptual Awareness," Department of Philosophy, Metropolitan State College of Denver, April 2011

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In 2008

"Kant on Representation, Meaning and the Semantic Primacy of Judgment (1762-1781)," Baltimore/Washington D.C. Graduate Philosophy Conference, April 2008

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In 2006

"Kant's Pre-Critical Commitment to the Semantic Primacy of Judgment", Philosophie Institut, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe-Universitat, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, November 2006

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In 2002

"Kant and the Prospects for Self-Deception," Joanne Rafelson Prize Colloquium, Philosophy Department, Northern Illinois University, April 2002

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