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Dean, Tisone Professor
College of Engineering and Applied Science
University of Colorado System Office


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Lignocellulosic Biomass   Direct Visual Observation   Initiation Rate, Initial Rates  

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biomass; municipal solid waste (organic fraction); livestock waste by-products (such as feathers and bones). Note 1: For waste or mixed feedstock (e.g. food waste) where lignocellulose can be a minor/small fraction, this can be in scope. Note 2: micro ... Indirect Land Use...
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Project:** Agricultural residues, or lignocellulosic biomass, are a desirable, readily abundant feedstock for production of renewable fuels and value-added chemicals. Unfortunately, pretreatment technologies to release simple sugars from lignocellulosic ...
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is required; a solid background in thermodynamics, chemistry and in multi-phase flows is desirable. [1] N. Okong'o and J. Bellan, Consistent Large Eddy Simulation of a temporal mixing layer laden with evaporating drops. Part 1: Direct...
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and the Computational Astrobiology Initiative. Specific topics include combustion, nonequilibrium reacting flow, high-speed shock-boundary-layer interactions, and direct numerical simulation of turbulent flows. ...
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fluid mechanics, transport-property theory and real-gas thermodynamics to model the flow in the lower Venus atmosphere. We perform Direct Numerical Simulations (DNSs) to gain insights into the transient...
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Interactions study (CLASI, Haus et al. 2022), have advanced our understanding in complex conditions such as highly forced flows and near-shore non-equilibrium conditions. Additionally, numerous observational and computational...
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in computing capabilities, direct numerical simulations are only tractable on small scales and unable to capture complex phenomena such as bubble nucleation, flow regimes, instabilities, turbulent transitions, and dryout. Improved tools to...
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atomization and aerosolization of chemical and biological agents, direct numerical simulation of detonations, coupled detonation physics and multi-phase flow, turbulent flows, accurate and efficient boundary...
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surface gravity waves and coastal currents, large-eddy simulations of stratified and unstratified bottom boundary layer turbulence over rough topography, and direct numerical simulations of sediment...
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The program on numerical simulation of turbulent flows investigates mechanisms for vorticity generation, the dynamics of turbulent flow, and turbulent transport phenomena. Recent emphasis has been placed on nonequilibirum turbulence in reacting ... and...
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