Tutorial Material

Here you can find the knowledge material about how to use Grant Forward.
Tutorial Videos
Creating a Grant Forward Account
Learn about different types of accounts on Grant Forward, and how to create one.
Using Search Filters
On the left hand side of the Grant Forward search page, there is a list of filters. This is an explanation on how to use them.
Manipulating Search Results
There are many functions that can be used after finding your search results. Here is an explanation of how to use them.
Creating a Profile
Explanation of how user can create a researcher a profile.
Administrator Console: Part 1
Explanation of how administrative tasks for a Grant Forward institution can be done.
Administrator Console: Part 2
Explanation of how administrative tasks for a Grant Forward institution can be done. (continue)
Tutorial Documents
Printable Brochure
Download and print our educational brochure. Leave it in your research office or library information desk to tell your researchers about Grant Forward.

Available in Adobe PDF and Microsoft Publisher formats!

How To Create Account
Learn how to create an account on Grant Forward, to get access to the grant database and various features on Grant Forward.
How To Filter Searches
Learn how to use our search filters to narrow down and find the compatible opportunities in a quick and convenient manner.
How To Create Profile
Learn how to create a Grant Forward Researcher Profile, to showcase your researching progress, and receive recommendations from our service.
Profile Features
Download our general search overview for Grant Forward. Useful for presentations for incoming faculty or as a brief and simple look at how to start using Grant Forward.
Administrative Console
Learn how administrators can manage members in the institutions, checking periodical usage, and more...