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The Army Rapid Capabilities Office was created in August 2016 to expedite the delivery of critical combat materiel capabilities to the Warfighter to meet Combatant Commanders’ needs. The Office is headquartered in the National Capital Region. MISSION The Army Rapid Capabilities Office rapidly develops, acquires, integrates and equips selected capabilities; implements streamlined acquisition methods, processes and techniques; and acts as an agent of change by challenging traditional approaches. The Army Rapid Capabilities Office is primarily focused on the highest priority Army requirements with an intent to deliver an operational effect within one to five years. This mission is complementary to Programs of Record that aim deeper into the future and to equip the entire Army for the full spectrum of war. The Army Rapid Capabilities Office is also distinct from the Army Rapid Equipping Force, which typically has a turnaround time of less than a year and delivers specific equipment to meet the urgent operational needs of forward-deployed units. The Army Rapid Capabilities Office provides select formations and areas of responsibility with broader capability solutions that cross portfolios, delivering a combined operational effect.
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