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615 N Alabama St. #119 Indianapolis, IN 46204-1498
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OUR MISSION to mobilize people, ideas and investment to make this a community where everyone has equitable opportunity to reach their full potential—no matter place, race or identity A CATALYST FOR CHANGE As the steward of over $800 million in charitable assets, we connect donors with causes they care about, serving as a catalyst for community change. We also make smart, strategic investments in Central Indiana by granting funds to the area’s most effective not-for-profits. In addition to our work with philanthropists and not-for-profits, we lead three community leadership initiatives designed to lift families out of poverty, help kids succeed in college, and create inspiring, beautiful public spaces. Through these initiatives, CICF is actively involved in making Central Indiana a place where art, nature and beauty are accessible every day for everybody. A BRIEF HISTORY OF CICF When The Indianapolis Foundation was founded in 1916 as one of the first community foundations in the country, its purpose was to improve the quality of life in Marion County by providing help where the needs were the greatest and the benefits were most extensive. Today, it continues that work as one of two affiliates of Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF). CICF was formed in 1997 when The Indianapolis Foundation partnered with Hamilton County Community Foundation—then known as Legacy Fund. While each foundation still supports its own community, each one also benefits from the strategic partnerships and resources that come with being part of a regional foundation. Today, CICF stands as Central Indiana’s premier provider of philanthropic services to local philanthropists. And it is primed to make a major impact in Central Indiana in the 21st century and beyond. WHAT WE DO: A SNAPSHOT CICF exists to make Central Indiana a better place. Here’s what that means: - It means making sure everyone is included in our efforts to push Central Indiana forward, giving more families the resources they need to achieve self-sufficiency. - It means making our neighborhoods and communities beautiful, vibrant and attractive places for both current and future residents. - It means finding innovative ways to attract visitors and businesses, and encouraging them to invest their time and money here. - It means creating a place where more people are homeowners, college graduates and successful professionals or business owners. - Finally, it means bolstering the area’s intellectual capacity, positioning us to compete with other neighboring regions for decades down the road.
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