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**MISSION** Drive medical innovation through requirements-driven development of knowledge material solutions for the acute early management of combat related trauma including point of injury, en-route facility-based care. **VISION** Optimize survival and recovery from combat related injuries in current and future operational scenarios through integrating innovative medical care and advanced technologies. **STRATEGY** The Combat Casualty Care Research Program seeks to leverage the nation's vast medical research program with a dynamic in-house research program and investment in key military-specific research areas. **PROGRAM GOALS** The CCCRP seeks to develop knowledge and materiel solutions in order to accomplish the following goals: 1. Improve hemorrhage control and resuscitation following combat related injury 2. Enhance forward surgical and critical intensive care 3. Augment care during all phases of transport of combat related injuries 4. Advance care for traumatic brain and other forms of neurologic trauma **Strategic Lines of Effort** The CCCRP will endeavor along the following Strategic Lines of Effort to accomplish our stated goals: 1. Streamline internal processes with attention towards strategy 2. Maintain clinical alignment and relevance in all we do 3. Secure and leverage strategic relationships 4. Ensure modern and innovative trauma science
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