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**Who We Are** CID is an independent federal law enforcement agency consisting of nearly 3,000 personnel assigned to 124 world-wide locations, responsible for felony criminal investigations and operations; war crimes and terrorism investigations, criminal intelligence collection and analysis; cybercrime investigations and operations; multi-dimensional forensic support; and protective service operations for the Secretary of Defense, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and other high risk personnel. **What We Do** CID investigates and provides intelligence while working to proactively prevent crimes which impact the operational readiness of the Army, by investigating felony crimes of serious, sensitive, or special interest matters to support commanders and preserve the Army’s resources in peacetime, combat, and contingency operations. CID also conducts worldwide investigations of classified Army programs and sensitive activities on; acquisition and fraud affecting Army programs and systems, major construction, Soldier safety, intrusions, malicious activities, terrorism activities, and insider threats involving U.S. Army computers. **Primary Missions: ** • Investigate serious crime • Conduct sensitive/serious investigations • Collect, analyze and disseminate criminal intelligence • Conduct protective service operations • Provide forensic laboratory support • Maintain Army criminal records **Additional Missions: ** • Logistics security (From manufacturer, to soldier on the battlefield) • Criminal intelligence (Develop countermeasures to combat subversive activities on the battlefield) • Criminal investigations (Includes war crimes and in some cases crimes against coalition forces and host nation personnel) • Protective service operations (Protect key personnel on and off the battlefield)
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