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HISTORY Originally established in 2001 by the late Dwight L. Stuart as a private foundation, DSYF was later merged into the San Francisco based Stuart Foundation as a separate grant making entity. Mr. Stuart, a prominent Los Angeles businessman and grandson of E.A. Stuart, founder of Carnation Company, serving as its president from 1973-1983, recognized the needs of young people in his home city who were less fortunate than others and might well benefit from programs for their educational, vocational, sports, and artistic enrichment. In addition to endowing the Dwight Stuart Youth Fund, Mr. Stuart was a long time member of the board of trustees of the Stuart Foundation, which currently has funding priorities in public education and college access programs for former foster youth throughout California and Washington State. At present, the Board of Advisors of the Dwight Stuart Youth Fund is comprised of Mr. Stuart’s four sons. The mission ofthe Dwight Stuart Youth Fund (DSYF) is to support organizations in Los Angeles County that provide direct services and experiences to underserved children and youth so they may gain values, skills, and confidence to achieve their potential. OUR VALUES Courage We believe in people who take on challenges and face them as growth and learning opportunities. We believe in people who are not afraid to share their experiences when their ideas and strategies fail. Integrity We believe in people who adhere to their organization's mission and goals, and who do not cut corners. We believe in people who deliver what they promise. Responsiveness We believe organizations should first determine the needs of their communities, and then create services that address those needs. Respect We believe everyone should be treated with courtesy, dignity, and patience, and should honor the differences among people. Innovation We believe in individuals who can motivate intellectual curiosity in others and can inspire new ideas and solutions.
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