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The Florida Space Grant Consortium (FSGC) was formed in 1989, when NASA implemented the National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program. FSGC was one of the sixteen founding Space Grant Consortia. Currently there are now Space Grant programs active in all fifty states as well as Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. When combined with the Land Grant and Sea Grant Programs, Space Grant forms the final leg of a triad of federally mandated programs addressing critical national needs in education, research, and service. FSGC is administered through the University of Central Florida and the Florida Space Institute, and its main offices are located at the Astronaut Memorial Foundation’s Center for Space Education, found on the grounds of the Kennedy Space Center Visitor’s Complex. The Consortium is a voluntary association of seventeen public and private Florida Universities and colleges. The Consortium also includes all of Florida’s community colleges, as well as Space Florida, the Kennedy Space Center, the Astronaut Memorial Foundation and the Orlando Science Center THE MISSION OF THE FLORIDA SPACE GRANT CONSORTIUM To strengthen Florida’s economy and augment NASA Educational Outcomes by: Providing space-related fellowships, scholarships, and internships; Supporting research opportunities, and academic-NASA-industry partnerships; and Enhancing STEM awareness, literacy, education and excellence in Florida’s citizens, public and private educational systems, and workforce. THE VISION OF THE FLORIDA SPACE GRANT CONSORTIUM To lead the National Space Grant Consortia with exceptionally effective, innovative programs and activities supporting STEM education and aerospace/space academic-NASA-industry partnerships throughout Florida.
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