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Judaic Studies explores its key themes in an interdisciplinary fashion, using the tools of history, law, literature, and culture to investigate the broad sweep of nationhood, religion, language, and space. Why Major or Minor in Judaic Studies? Majors explore the diverse experiences of the Jewish people, their traditions, histories, interactions with other cultures, and impact on the world. Minors gain a familiarity with Jewish cultures and societies. Students from a wide range of disciplines pursue the minor to complement and enrich their primary program of study. Curriculum Judaic Studies offers courses and degrees that help you engage in the world and plan for your future. Students examine the histories, cultures, and languages of the Jewish people. Working closely with distinguished faculty and prominent visitors, students develop individual responses to complex issues like religious faith, cultural pluralism, ethnic identity, and migration. Students gain vital skills in research and writing, critical and creative thinking, and public and persuasive speaking. The diverse curriculum allows for exploration of any aspect of the Jewish experience, from Israel to America, spanning the biblical era to the present.
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