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**OUR GREATEST MISSION IS YOU** Our focus is to ensure you can be the best at your job, so we can be the best at ours - protecting our great nation and its people. **SEE WHAT WE STAND FOR** As the largest United States military branch, we defend our nation’s freedom and safety as well as provide stability during challenging times. This has been a focus since 1775 when the Army’s fight for independence began. Today, we honor a legacy rooted in freedom and lead by example with core values that every Soldier lives by. **ARMY CORE VALUES** - Loyalty - Duty - Respect - Selfless Service - Honor - Integrity - Personal Courage **STRENGTHENED BY DIVERSITY** The Army is representative of the American people we serve, with demographic diversity continuing to grow among our ranks. We value the uniqueness of each Soldier’s background and embrace these differences to make the Army more inclusive, through the policy and programs of the Army Equity and Inclusion Agency. Here are highlights of our approach. **OUR APPROACH** **DIVERSITY IS THE FORCE** We put our people first. Our Soldiers are our top priority, which is why we’ve implemented training and programs to remove racial biases and create an environment where everyone feels comfortable protecting the nation together as a team. **EQUITY IS THE GOAL** We identify systems that may inadvertently discriminate based on demographics and implement best practices to ensure that procedures like promotion and selection boards remain fair and impartial. Diverse leadership is critical for mission effectiveness and national security, which is why more and more women are serving in leadership roles across the Army. **INCLUSION IS THE WAY** We promote cultural awareness and facilitate diversity training to ensure all Soldiers have the same opportunities to succeed. We’re also protecting Soldiers and Army civilians with progressive military policy, and learning about their experiences to adapt our approach.
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