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**Welcome** **Established in 1995, the Institute for Research on Women Gender (IRWG) is an interdisciplinary unit of the [Office of the Vice President for Research](https://research.umich.edu/).****IRWG's mission is to support and encourage research, especially interdisciplinary research, on women, gender and sexuality at the University of Michigan. Our research vision is interdisciplinary and broadly inclusive of the creative and performing arts as well as the humanities, social sciences, and the sciences.****IRWG is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in research and across our scholarly communities.****The Institute:** - **provides direct funding to U-M faculty research efforts focusing on women, gender and sexuality, especially those that are collaborative and interdisciplinary** - **offers administrative coordination, stimulation and support for extramural research proposals ** - **facilitates communication about scholarship on women, gender and sexuality to the U-M campus and public through publicity, events, and intellectual dialogues**
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