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**Mission** The mission of the Military Operational Medicine Research Program (MOMRP) is to develop effective biomedical countermeasures against operational stressors and to prevent physical and psychological injuries during training and operations in order to maximize the health, readiness and performance of Service members and their Families, in support of the Army Human Performance Optimization and Enhancement (HPOE), Human Dimension (HD), Multi-Domain Battle (MDB), Army Big 6 Modernization Priorities, and the DoD Total Force Fitness (TFF) concepts. Its continuing mission is to protect the whole Service member -- head-to-toe, inside and out, across the operational spectrum. Science to Service member is our focus. The MOMRP provides the planning, programming and budgeting (PPB) for biomedical research to deliver products and solutions to Service members and Families that address readiness, health and performance throughout the deployment cycle and Service member lifecycle. Additionally, the MOMRP drives cutting-edge scientific research and delivers Joint solutions to the battlefield and at home in a relevant, timely manner. The MOMRP depends on a phenomenal cadre of dedicated scientists and engineers who continuously and tirelessly work to protect the Nation’s most valuable asset – the Service member.
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