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**About** It’s all about STEM education. - Continue to provide and expand STEM research and training opportunities for students through the NASA internship, fellowship and scholarship (NIFS) program. - Expand past/current successful college and pre-college curricular and informal education projects. Partner with other education-based organizations to provide enhanced STEM training to the broadest possible student population in Nevada. - Enhance research infrastructure to provide education and training of students for entry into STEM careers. Solicitation Opportunities - NVSGC NASA Internships - Ongoing Announcement - Applications due throughout the year at [NASA’s OSSI Website](https://intern.nasa.gov/) - NVSGC Undergraduate Scholarships - Announced and applications due in winter - NVSGC Faculty Solicitations - Curriculum Development - Hands-on-Training - Informal Education - Pre-College - Announced in the winter and applications due early spring - NVSGC Graduate Fellowships - Announced in the winter and applications due in early spring - NVSGC Research Infrastructure - Announced late winter and applications due in spring
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