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****ODEO Vision:**** NASA elevates mission success through the unity, excellence, and wellness of engaged organizations and individuals. ****ODEO Mission:**** NASA’s Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity leads diversity and civil rights policies, programs, and services – enabling the universe of available talent to contribute inclusively and equitably to NASA. ****Slogan:**** “At NASA, we make Air and Space available for everyone.” ****ODEO Values:**** - **Unity**: We operate and engage our customers, colleagues, and other stakeholders in a unifying manner – by reinforcing connections with an emphasis on diversity, inclusion, belonging, equity, and psychological safety, and by maintaining focus on transcendent purpose and meaning. - **NASA-Focus**: We orient and emphasize all our work on the priorities, success, and wellness of NASA organizations and personnel. - **Innovation**: We proactively focus on the development and implementation of new and creative ideas, methods, and tools to meet new conditions, requirements, and needs, and to sustain success – while informing and performing our work through data, analytics, and evidence. - **Trust**: We continually build and maintain trust by demonstrating professionalism, expertise, reliability, respect, stakeholder engagement, integrity, and ethics in all our decisions, operations, and interactions. - **Excellence**: We conduct all our operations and activities by continually striving to achieve the highest level of timeliness, quality, and customer service, and to provide the greatest possible value and contributions through measurable results. ****ODEO Goals:**** In supporting NASA’s mission success, NASA’s Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity partners with internal and external stakeholders to achieve the following goals: - **Goal 1.** Empower and advance NASA as a leader and model Agency for Diversity and Inclusion. - **Goal 2.** Empower and advance NASA as a leader and model Agency for Equal Employment Opportunity. - **Goal 3.** Promote External Civil Rights Compliance in NASA-funded science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and other related programs.
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