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White Oak Campus, Food and Drug Administration, 10903 New Hampshire Avenue, Building 1, Silver Spring, MD 20993, United States
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The Office of Global Policy and Strategy promotes and protects the public health of Americans by ensuring global considerations are fully integrated into FDA policies and operational activities. OGPS does so three ways: - Through policy coherence: OGPS promotes mutually reinforcing policy actions to advance FDA’s public health and regulatory interests globally. - Through the development of global partnerships: OGPS partnerships will improve compliance with FDA requirements, enhance the capacity of foreign regulatory partners to conduct inspections and laboratory analyses, increase global understanding of the links between strong, well-functioning regulatory systems and public health, economic development, and global trade in goods. - Through the collection, analysis and sharing of high-quality information - including inspection data - to advance FDA’s public health mission. OGPS activities will enhance our risk-based management of regulatory resources, improve our oversight, increase our understanding of complex global supply chains and their effects on the safety and quality of products we regulate, and strengthen capacity to detect and remove violative products and mitigate public health risks through regulatory actions. OGPS has three sub-offices: The Office of Global Operations (OGO), which includes our foreign posts, the Office of Communications, Evaluation, and Logistics (OCEL), and the Office of Trade and Global Partnerships (OTGP).
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