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Picatinny Arsenal NJ is the Joint Center of Excellence for Guns and Ammunition, providing products and services to all branches of the U.S. military. Team Picatinny leads in the research, development, acquisition and lifecycle management of advanced conventional weapon systems and ammunition. Examples of our products include: - IED Defeat technologies - Small, medium and large caliber conventional ammunition - Precision-guided munitions - Mortars - Fire control systems - Small-arms weapon systems - Howitzers - Gunner protection armor - Warheads - Fuzes - Insensitive munitions Picatinny is a unique facility that is vital to our nation – there is no government or industry counterpart with our capabilities. We streamline the acquisition process and deliver the armaments that warfighters need exactly when they need them - and at an affordable price. We have established increasingly close partnerships with universities and industry partners, involving them in collaborative efforts early in the research and development process. Picatinny uses unique laboratories and special facilities to evaluate prototype designs, thus reducing development cycle time. These facilities are also available to contractors and other government agencies that are part of the national energetic consortium established by Picatinny and the Army Research Laboratory.
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