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The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Strategic Technology Office (STO) develops technology to give national security leaders trusted, disruptive capabilities to win in all physical domains (air, space, sea, and land) and across the spectrum of competition, from deterrence to high-end peer combat. Leveraging advancements in technologies such as advanced microelectronics, increased computing capacity, and applied machine learning/artificial intelligence, STO pursues solutions in the areas of advanced active and passive sensing, battlefield effects, command, control and communications, systems of autonomous systems, and empowered human decision making. STO develops and delivers solutions at a speed and scale to be operationally relevant, moving from the initiation of the project to proof of concept in just a few years. STO’s broad span of research domains allows the office to rethink competition. The Department of Defense has primarily focused on competition related to battlefield activities and to create asymmetries advantageous for U.S. forces. Recent world events have demonstrated the impact of other dimensions of competition such as economic, environmental, marketplace, and manufacturing. Therefore, STO develops technologies to create opportunities for asymmetries in these broad areas of competition. The goals of those asymmetries are to set favorable conditions and maximize optionality for infinite (versus finite, single-focus) contests that address these other dimensions. These infinite contests are highly complex and have significant ambiguity of state that require approaches similar to the observe–orient–decide–act (OODA) cycle. One approach may be developing a probe-sense-decide-adapt cycle. Technologies that may be applied to provide such capabilities include: active sensing, perturbation testing, active learning, experimental economics, and causal experiments. STO develops solutions and technologies that address alternative areas of competition that have impact for DoD missions. This includes the linkage between the competition area and the DoD mission, the desired asymmetry, and the technologies that can enable the asymmetry. Over the past three decades, commercial industry has monetized many technology areas that were originally the focus of the DoD. The impact of this has been significant and dominant level of resources for commercial research and development. STO is looking at the means to leverage these investments for DoD missions. STO is interested in the potential commercial systems, components, manufacturing processes, standards, and technologies that can be leveraged and/or augmented to provide new DoD capabilities for strategic surprise.
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