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Level 10, 1 William Street, Brisbane QLD 4000 Australia
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**About Trade and Investment Queensland** Trade and Investment Queensland is the Queensland Government’s dedicated global business agency, helping Queensland exporters take their products to world markets and promoting Queensland as the perfect place for investment. **Best location** Queensland is positioned at the crossroads of the Asia-Pacific, close to the world’s largest growth markets. This provides us with strong advantages as an investment destination. Our dynamic and stable economy, highly skilled workforce, pro-business environment and advanced infrastructure offer businesses the best climate to expand and prosper. Queensland is also the driving force behind export growth in Australia, with total merchandise exports accounting for about one-fifth of the nation’s total. **Our global network** You’ll find our global representatives in markets around the world, as well as our regional trade and investment advisors in major centres across Queensland. **Helping Queensland exporters** We work with partner agencies, industry organisations, and international allies to promote better access to overseas markets and decision-makers for Queensland companies. If you’re an exporter, we’ll work with you to: develop your skills, source the market intelligence, give you the business connections you need, and offer in-market introductions through targeted trade missions and virtual meetings. **Attracting investment to Queensland** Investors and entrepreneurs who can make a real difference to our economy are welcome in Queensland. We’ll make living and working in Queensland as viable for you as possible, and work with you to open doors for your business. Queensland is positioning itself as Australia’s most innovative and dynamic trading economy.
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