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The U.S. Army has long given the Armaments Center the immense responsibility of being its primary research and development center for new and existing armament systems which are in use by U.S. service members around the world. We partner with a wide variety of organizations including industry, academia and other government agencies to accelerate the development and transition of new technologies for the Warfighter. - We are the center of mass for armament systems and munitions for joint services - We provide the technology for over 90% of the Army’s lethality with a focus on advanced weapons, ammunition, and fire control systems - We are organized around core competencies to rapidly respond to Warfighter needs with an enterprise approach - We recruit, develop and retain our workforce while addressing current and changing Warfighter needs with an eye towards future technology advancements - We continually modernize our laboratories and facilities to address current and future RD needs and capabilities - We have an established track record of transitioning technologies to the field The Armaments Center has more than 3,200 civilian engineers, scientists and support personnel. We encourage life-long learning with professional partners and collaborators. The Armaments Center is home to the first-of-its-kind school which offers graduate degrees in armaments engineering. Our workforce leads the way in engineering, science, quality, innovation, expertise, and problem solving in the areas of ammunition, weapons, fire control and associated items. Members of our organization were recognized in 399 U.S. patents from 2010-2019; they submit on average 100 technical papers each year for trade shows and peer-reviewed journals. **Focus Areas** - Lethality - Integrated, Multi-Mission Armament Systems - Smart Sights - Pyrotechnics - Battlefield Digitization Software - Precision Armaments - Environmental Technologies - Networked Lethality - Defense Against Unmanned Systems - Counter Terrorism Technologies - Homeland Defense Technologies - Advanced Materials / Nanotechnologies - Novel Power Energy Systems for Weapons Munitions - Armaments Manufacturing Science Technologies - Reliability Predictability Technology - Modeling Simulation of Armament Systems - Integrated Armaments Systems - Advanced Energetics - Autonomous Systems - Non-Lethal Systems - Armament Software Sustainment Engineering Technologies - Ammo Logistics System Technologies **Vision** CCDC Armaments Center, centered at Picatinny Arsenal, is a critical national asset that is vital to National Security and is unfettered in its ability to deliver products and provide world class facilities and services **Mission** Lead research, development and engineering of systems solutions to arm those who defend the nation against all current and future threats, both at home and abroad
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