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6662 Gunner Circle, Building 3071, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland 21005
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**HOW WE SUPPORT** **ARMY ORGANIZATIONS** We support all six Army modernization priorities and all eight Army cross-functional teams (CFTs). We are continually supporting cross-functional teams and program executive offices in the Army’s modernization efforts. **JOINT PARTNERS** Our role is to find solutions and deliver capabilities that span the entire domain of C5ISR networks and systems regardless of the platform. We work closely with industry, academia, DoD, and other national research organizations to influence research investments and adopt, adapt, and mature new scientific breakthroughs. **OUR ORGANIZATION** Our mission is executed through two core directorates. **RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATION DIRECTORATE** All science and technology (ST) portfolios fall under the Research and Technology Integration Directorate (RTI). RTI’s priority is to formulate effective ST programs that are innovative, responsive to customer needs, structured to produce outputs that we can give to Soldiers for experimentation and refinement, and designed to produce technologies that our acquisition partners can easily transition and integrate. **SOLDIER MISSION PLATFORM EQUIPMENT** Integrates sensors, positioning, navigation and timing for decision dominance. **SPECTRUM DOMINANCE INTELLIGENCE** Helps Warfighters better comprehend their space and detect threats across the cyber and electromagnetic spectrum. **ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY** Focuses on early science and technology investments to achieve the greatest benefit for the Army. **ENGINEERING AND SYSTEMS INTEGRATION DIRECTORATE** The Engineering and Systems Integration (ESI) Directorate is streamlining and synchronizing our lab- and field-based experimentation and life-cycle engineering. This synergy, which runs from basic research through technology maturation and post-production support, provides an improved systems engineering approach to capability development, production and sustainment. The directorate will also help to clearly define and shape the way we experiment, collect data and inform stakeholders. The combined approach allows stakeholders to make informed decisions that best support Army modernization priorities. **SYSTEM INTEGRATION** Lab and field-based risk reduction and prototyping and platform integration. **C5I ENGINEERING** Communicates data and information across a robust tactical network to the tactical edge. **READINESS ENGINEERING** Addresses the operational readiness needs for Army C5ISR systems.
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