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**Our Mission and Culture** **Our Mission** The University of Michigan School of Public Health is pursuing a healthier world with compassion, innovation and inclusion to create meaningful, lasting impact. - **We believe in compassion**. Our work is born from compassion, leading to knowledge, research, and action. - **We believe in innovation**. We've seen a better future, it's why we are driven to help. Through creative problem-solving and innovative thinking we lay the groundwork for a healthier world. - **We believe in inclusion**. We work with diverse talents across campus and across the world to bring more than ideas; we partner to create lasting solutions. - **We pursue impact**. The ultimate goal of our work is to create positive change and have a lasting effect on the health of the world. **Our Guiding Principles** The University of Michigan School of Public Health is committed to: - Improved health for populations and individuals worldwide; - Health equity for all people; - Diversity and inclusion in education, research and service; - Ethical principles of teaching, learning, research and practice; - Excellence and innovation; - Equitable partnerships with individuals, communities, and practitioners.
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