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About The Utah NASA Space Grant Consortium was founded on September 1, 1989. The founding institutions were Utah State University of Agriculture and Applied Science, University of Utah, University of Denver, and ATK Launch Systems. The Utah NASA Space Grant Consortium has formulated its vision, mission, goals, and objectives to contribute to NASA’s mission, Office of STEM Engagement priorities, Co-STEM goals, Mission Directorate collaborations, and state-based needs. The goals of the Utah NASA Space Grant Consortium are outlined below: 1. Contribute to the development and diversity of NASA’s future workforce in disciplines needed to achieve NASA’s strategic goals through internship, fellowship, and scholarship awards. We will encourage students from underrepresented and underserved Utah communities to participate in these opportunities. 2. Support research seed funding projects at UNSGC affiliate institutions which contribute to faculty and student teams that align with NASA Mission Directorate challenges and the State of Utah STEM needs. We will encourage student participants plus cooperation among universities, industry, and federal/state/local government to foster STEM ecosystems within Utah. 3. Create unique, hands-on, innovative opportunities for Utah students and faculty to contribute to NASA’s endeavors in exploration and discovery. Interdisciplinary projects will be encouraged. 4. Engage K-12 teachers and students as well as the public in NASA’s mission. Prepare teachers in these grade levels to become more effective at improving student academic outcomes by strengthening understanding of concepts and content through NASA STEM engagement resources and content. Give public exposure to STEM careers through direct and virtual experiences with NASA’s people and work. 5. Continue the success of the Utah Space Grant Consortium and its 20 affiliate members to maintain a state network of colleges and universities along with industry, government partners, and outreach institutions who have interest and capabilities in aeronautics, space, and related fields. Our objectives and activities include the National Space Grant program emphases of: diversity, competitiveness, NASA Mission Directorate alignment, interdisciplinary projects, industry relations, and state/local government involvement. The purpose is to contribute to the NASA STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) enterprise through promoting education, research, and informal education projects. This is accomplished through a jurisdiction network of 20 cooperative Space Grant affiliates drawn from universities, colleges, industry, outreach institutions, and state/local entities who will work together to develop innovative, integrated, and comprehensive projects. A set of S.M.A.R.T. objectives have been formulated under each goal by the Utah Space Grant Consortium for 2020-2024. These objectives are characterized by specific Consortium targets which facilitate the assessments using Annual Performance Indicators (APIs) and numerical performance metrics. Emphasis is upon the recruitment, education and inclusion of U.S. citizens/nationals in Space Grant projects. Attention is given to women and underutilized minorities leading to sustained careers in the space and aerospace disciplines.
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