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The Utah NASA Space Grant Consortium was founded on September 1, 1989. The founding institutions were Utah State University of Agriculture and Applied Science, University of Utah, University of Denver, and ATK Launch Systems. The Utah NASA Space Grant Consortium has formulated its vision, mission, goals, and objectives to be consistent with those of NASA and its Office Education. The Goals of the Consortium are: - Outcome 1: To demonstrably contribute to the development of the STEM Workforce with programs, projects and activities that are in direct alignment with NASA’s stated education strategic goals, missions and with her defined outcomes, objectives and PART measures. - Outcome 2: To attract and retain students and teachers in the STEM disciplines who have a solid understanding of the subject material. - Outcome 3: Conduct an Informal Education program to form strategic partnerships and linkages between STEM formal and informal providers leading to an expansion of the nation’s future STEM workforce through awareness of the mission of NASA and the promotion of STEM literacy. Our objectives and activities include the National Space Grant program emphases of: - Diversity - Competitiveness - NASA ties - Industry relations and state government involvement Our program elements are: - Management - Fellowships Scholarships - Research Infrastructure - Higher Education - Precollege - Informal Education
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