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OVERVIEW The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Action Center prioritizes STEM education, which works to develop Utah’s workforce of the future. The program drives research and implementation of STEM education best practices across Utah by coordinating STEM-related activities, creating and supporting STEM education, facilitating educator access to education tools, and aligning public STEM education with higher-education STEM activities. In order to advance STEM initiatives, the STEM Action Center Board will use legislative funding to oversee several projects that align with K-12 education and support the Utah State Office of Education and higher education partners. These programs address issues that support outreach, recruitment, retention and student achievement Additionally, the STEM Action Center will align technology and innovation with industry needs and higher education initiatives to ensure development of the future workforce. This will be a safeguard to the state’s economic prosperity by ensuring there is a workforce ready to take on the high-quality and high-paying STEM related careers. MISSION The STEM Action Center is Utah’s leader in promoting science, technology, engineering and math through best practices in education to ensure connection with industry and Utah’s long-term economic prosperity. VISION Produce a STEM-competitive workforce to ensure Utah’s continued economic success in the global marketplace. Catalyze student experience, community engagement and industry alignment by identifying and implementing the public- and higher-education best practices that will transform workforce development.
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