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ABOUT The Virginia Space Grant Consortium is a coalition of five Virginia colleges and universities, NASA, state educational agencies, Virginia’s Center for Innovative Technology and other institutions representing diverse aerospace interests. VSGC acts as an umbrella organization, coordinating and developing aerospace-related and high technology educational and research efforts throughout the Commonwealth, and connecting Virginia’s effort to a national community of shared aerospace interests. The VSGC leverages each dollar of NASA support with more than five dollars of state and other funding to offer a wide range of programs and activities in concert with NASA’s national Space Grant goals. In 1987, a joint congressional study panel met to address a number of issues facing the aerospace industry and the Nation, among them a looming shortage of workers prepared for a high tech workforce and a decline in scholastic achievement, especially in the disciplines of math and science. Congress was also concerned with building research infrastructure at our Nation’s institutions of higher education. Congress passed legislation in 1988 which established the National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program. The Virginia Space Grant Consortium received its designation from NASA in 1989.
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