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**About the School of Medicine** Our faculty, students, trainees and staff are pushing the bounds of medicine and improving health in our community and around the world. Washington University School of Medicine is committed to advancing human health in a culture that supports diversity, inclusion, critical thinking and creativity. As international leaders in patient care, research and education, our outstanding faculty has contributed major discoveries and innovations in the fields of science and clinical medicine since the school’s founding in 1891. **Our vision** Washington University School of Medicine will lead in advancing human health through the promotion of wellness and delivery of outstanding health care, innovative research and the education of tomorrow’s leaders in biomedicine within a culture that supports diversity, inclusion, critical thinking and creativity. **Our mission** In leading the advancement of human health, Washington University School of Medicine will: - Cultivate excellence and collegiality within an equitable and inclusive community - Attract, develop, advance and support a diverse and talented current and future workforce - Innovate through discoveries and inventions in basic, clinical, translational and population sciences - Build and support an environment that fosters exceptionally creative research, health care, education and the well-being of our workforce - Use our academic excellence and scientific rigor to continually advance and enhance health care in a way that ensures access, compassion, high value, equity and evidence-based care for all people in our community, including those who are underserved and uninsured - Observe the highest standards of ethics, integrity and humanity across all missions - Apply advances in research, education and health care to the betterment of the human condition locally and globally
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