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Base Pricing
Institutional Subscription Pricing

For the purpose of pricing, since an organization can be complex with multiple physical campuses,
we consider each campus at a distinct location (with a substantial population) as a separate institution,
and we provide a 30% discount for multiple institutions (after the first one) in the same organization.

Institution Size Institution Criteria Subscription Prices
$1,820 one year subscription
$3,276 two year subscription
$2,700 one year subscription
$4,860 two year subscription
$3,940 one year subscription
$7,092 two year subscription
What size is my institution?
Less than 3,000 students and employees Between 3,000 - 15,000 students and employees More than 15,000 students and employees
Less than 50 million USD annual research volume Small Institution Medium Institution Large Institution
Between 50 - 100 million USD annual research volume Medium Institution Medium Institution Large Institution
More than 100 million USD annual research volume Large Institution Large Institution Large Institution

Why GrantForward?

  •   From Sponsors, Pre-solicitations, to Funded Awards-- Not only Grant Opportunities: While GrantForward already offers a 8-10X larger grant database than competitors, we now proudly cover the whole ecosystem of funding: not only GRANTS, but the complete cycle from SPONSORS, their PRE-SOLICITATIONS, to ultimately the funded AWARDS. With GrantForward, you will get an early heads-up when opportunities are being prepared, and you will get informed of what projects, what topics, and who are funded. You will never miss a beat!
  •   Database Coverage: We continued to expand our database of funding opportunities, we now cover 12550+ main sponsors (each of which include some subsponsors), with an A-Z Sponsor Directory you can search, which together provide 19000+ active grants.
  •   Enhanced Features: We actively develop and improve our system-- In 2017, we added Exclude Grants (to exclude a grant from your search), View History (to mark grants that you have viewed), Filter Include/Exclude Enhancement (to set include/exclude of filters easily), Editing Publications in Profiles (to add/delete/edit publications to tailor your researcher profiles), Keyword Search for Profiles (to search researcher profiles by any keywords)
  •   Ease of Use: As we heard from many of our users, GrantForward continues to be the most user friendly grant service!
  •   Automatic Recommendations: GrantForward is not only a funding search database, but also a grant recommendation service! With our Auto Sign-Up/ Auto Profile service, we automatically create GrantForward accounts and Researcher Profiles for members in your institution, so they can immediately benefit from grant recommendations without any hassle. We now monthly deliver recommendations to 20000+ researchers.
  •   Education and Support: We put a strong emphasis on education and training. Check out our monthly webinars, topical tutorials, and focused QuickTips, at our GrantForward Support Page and GrantForward YouTube Channel.