Subscribing to GrantForward

GrantForward Funding Discovery and Grant Dissemination Service provides research institutions (universities, centers, laboratories, and private organizations) with a subscription-based service. Once an institution subscribes to GrantForward, every member can access the database at to search for grants and receive personalized information such as profile-based grant recommendations or administrator-shared grants.

GrantForward uses advanced technologies to offer extremely competitive pricing which is affordable for both large universities and smaller colleges. Price is determined by your institution size-- in terms of both total population and annual research expenditures. Please contact for detailed subscription plans and pricing.

We strongly recommend you join a 30-day free trial to test out our platform. It's completely free with no obligations and everyone in your institution can join the trial with access to the full functionality of the system.

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Why GrantForward?

  •   Database Coverage: GrantForward covers 10-11X grants more than competitors with over 21,000 sponsors worldwide, from federal, corporate to private funding organizations, which together provide 84,000+ funding opportunities, linked with over 7,000 pre-solicitations and 2.5M+ funded awards in all disciplines and project types.
  •   Complete Award-Seeking Cycle: While GrantForward already offers a 10-11X larger grant database than competitors, we now proudly cover the whole ecosystem of funding: not only GRANTS, but the complete cycle from SPONSORS, their PRE-SOLICITATIONS, to ultimately the funded AWARDS. With GrantForward, you will get an early heads-up when opportunities are being prepared, and you will get informed of what projects, what topics, and who are funded. You will never miss a beat!
  •   Enhanced Features: We actively develop and consistently add user-requested significant features to improve our system-- Over the years, we have expanded and enhanced the search filters to help users find out the best fitting opportunities as well as added more features for better grant management such as Saved Searches (to save your desired search results to get alerts of new grants), Favorites (to receive notifications when your favorite grants have been updated or deleted), Grant Lists (to build a list of specific funding opportunities to keep track of them), Exclude Grants (to exclude a grant from your search). We have also provided efficient features for administrators to help them manage their users systematically and facilitate the process from selecting grants, and building grant lists to disseminating them by emails and newsletters such as Units (to build the institution’s structure), Groups (to create custom groups of members having specific research interests), Grant Delivery (to share search results and grant lists with members), Newsletters (to create customized newsletters to broadcast announcements and disseminate curated grant lists).
  •   Ease of Use: As we heard from many of our users, GrantForward continues to be the most user-friendly grant service!
  •   Personalized Grant Recommendations: GrantForward is not only a funding search database but also a grant recommendation service! With our Auto Sign-Up/ Auto Profile service, we automatically create GrantForward accounts and researcher profiles for members in your institution, so they can immediately benefit from grant recommendations based on their research interests without any hassle. We now deliver recommendations to 39,000+ researchers.
  •   Education and Support: Customer satisfaction is incredibly important to us. Our commitment to providing quality customer service has been and will remain a top priority. Here at GrantForward, we have a dedicated customer service team providing fast, convenient customer support. If, for some reason, we cannot offer our assistance immediately, our policy is to follow up within 24 hours. Additionally, we provide rich support materials that are continually updated, unlimited private support sessions that can be scheduled anytime, and feature enhancement based on user requests.