How Can I Generate My Research Interests When Creating My Researcher Profile?
When creating your researcher profile, as an essential part, you will need to generate "research interests"-- a set of keywords/phrases that describe your research, in order to get grant recommendations tailored to your research needs.
How Can I Tailor My Grant Recommendations?
After creating a Researcher Profile, you can make sure that the grant recommendations you are receiving are tailored to your research needs by using advanced filters on your recommended grants. You should know how to edit your research interests and use advanced filters to update your grant recommendations.
How Can I Create Researcher Profiles for My Members?
Researcher Profiles allow your institution members to upload their publications/CV and research interests and get grant recommendations based on their research needs. To create researcher profiles for your institution members, you can create them one at a time or use our Auto Sign-up/Auto Profile option for profile creation.
How Can I Help My Members Tailor Their Grant Recommendations?
After creating researcher profiles for your institution, you can help make sure that the grant recommendations your members are receiving are tailored to their research needs. Educate your institution members so that they know how to edit their research interests and use advanced filters to tailor their recommendations.
How Can I Make Sure That Disseminated Grants Benefit My Members?
In order to make sure that disseminated grants benefit your institution members, you want to make sure that you are setting up complex saved searches for dissemination. To set up a disseminated search, make sure to go into the Administrator Console and then select Disseminate. The example below shows a disseminated search for graduate students in data science and related fields interested in awards, scholarships, fellowships, or travel grants.