Detailed guidelines of how to use GrantForward.

New to GrantForward? Get started by learning the basics of using GrantForward as a researcher or administrator.

GrantForward Researcher Welcome Guide
Category: General
Researchers can benefit from our complete award-seeking cycle including a comprehensive database of funding opportunities across all disciplines, a worldwide sponsor directory, and additional sources of pre-solicitations and funded awards. You can also take advantage of many advanced utilities such as getting funding alerts, receiving grant recommendations based on your research interests and matching grants delivered from administrators, etc.
GrantForward Data Feed Welcome Guide
Category: General
In this Guide, we will walk you through the basics of using the Data Feed service by going over how we provide the datasets, data schema, how to download, and the update frequency. Once you get the full datasets, you can take advantage of them for your internal use.
GrantForward Administrator Welcome Guide
Category: General
You will go through accommodating guidelines on how to have your members get the most out of GrantForward. You can also assist them better in the award-seeking process as well as promote the research activities at your institution by taking advantage of our administrative features.
Welcome to GrantForward
Category: General
Start moving your research forward with GrantForward! This video welcomes you to the fascinating world of GrantForward Funding Search and Grant Recommendation Service.