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Find out how to use GrantForward's fundamental features with our QuickTips videos.

Category: Account
Viewing Account Settings
Learn how to view and edit your account information, change your password or notification settings.
Category: Account
Using the Homepage
Learn how to use your personalized homepage to quickly see your newest grant recommendations, favorite grants, and saved searches within your personalized dashboard as well as view database updates and connect with other researchers.
Category: Account
Forgot Your Password?
Forgot Your Password? - Preview
Learn how to reset your password, if you forget it.
Category: Account
Creating an Account
Learn how to create an institutional account on GrantForward.
Category: Account
Managing Users
Managing Users - Preview
Learn how to manage your users by adding/deleting user accounts as well as setting a user’s status as Researcher, Editor, or Administrator.
Category: Deploying
Linking to GrantForward
A great way to help your institution members become aware of their access to GrantForward and take advantage of the service is to link to GrantForward on your institution website.
Category: Dissemination
Disseminating Grants
Disseminating Grants - Preview
Learn how to disseminate grants via saved searches to your institution members through individual email addresses or mailing lists.
Category: Dissemination
Annotating Grants
Annotating Grants - Preview
Learn how to annotate a funding opportunity to provide more instructions specific to members of your institution to apply for the grant.
Category: Managing
Navigating the Administrator Console
Get a quick overview of the sections within the Administrator Console to get a better understanding of how the administrator console can help you gain insight and manage your member’s usage of GrantForward.
Category: Profile
Updating Your Research Interests
Learn how to update your research interests so you can receive more relevant grant recommendations.
Category: Profile
Creating Your Profile
Learn how to create your researcher profile to start getting personalized grant recommendations tailored to your research and finding researchers with similar interests.
Category: Profile
Creating Profiles for Your Members
Learn how to create researcher profiles for your institution members on GrantForward, so that you can automatically disseminate grants to them via personalized grant recommendations that are tailored to every individual's research interests.
Category: Recommendation
Turning On Grant Recommendations
Turning On Grant Recommendations  - Preview
Learn how to turn on grant recommendations as well as recommendation emails and set the frequency of how often you will receive recommendation emails.
Category: Recommendation
Checking How Many Members Are Receiving Recommendations
Learn how to check how many of your institution members are receiving grant recommendations so you can help your members enable recommendation emails and get more relevant grant recommendations.
Category: Search
Using the Sponsor Directory
Learn how to view and take advantage of the sponsor directory to see current grants from your favorite sponsors or find new sponsors for your grant search.
Category: Search
Searching with Advanced Search Filters
Searching with Advanced Search Filters - Preview
Get a quick snapshot of how to utilize the advanced search filters to refine your grant search and saved searches.
Category: Search
Searching by Keywords
Searching by Keywords - Preview
Learn how to search for grant opportunities on GrantForward using keyword combinations and how to exclude specific keywords from your grant search results.
Category: Search
Searching by Sponsors
Searching by Sponsors - Preview
Learn how to search for grant opportunities from a specific grant sponsor.
Category: Search
Saving Your Search
Saving Your Search - Preview
Learn how to save your grant search on GrantForward and start monitoring new grants and receiving alerts.
Category: Search
Exporting Grants
Exporting Grants - Preview
Learn how to export your selected grants to save for reference and to apply at a later time.
Category: Search
Trying a Keyword Search
Trying a Keyword Search - Preview
Learn how to run a keyword search-- with simple and advanced search options-- to find grants that match your research topics.
Category: Search
Viewing the Grant Keywords Your Institution Is Searching
Get a quick overview of how to pull an administrator usage report to see what keywords your institution members are using for their grant searches, allowing you to see what your members are looking for and help them improve their search on GrantForward.
Category: Search
Finding Sponsors by Keywords
Finding Sponsors by Keywords - Preview
View a quick demo to learn how to search for sponsors using specific keywords to match your desired research areas.
Category: Support
Suggesting a New Feature
Have an idea of how to improve GrantForward? Learn how to suggest a new feature to the GrantForward team and see it get potentially implemented to the site.