Brief videos of instructions on a focused topic.

Learn how to utilize GrantForward for each of your personal purposes.

Category: Deploying
Promoting GrantForward
Learn how to deploy GrantForwad and let your members know about it to make GrantForward more useful and valuable for your institution.
Category: Dissemination
Disseminating Grants by Newsletters
Learn how to prepare multiple series of newsletters to disseminate various selected grants easily.
Category: Dissemination
Sharing Curated Grant Lists
Learn how to build a grant list and then share it with your faculty/researchers to help them receive grants matching their research areas.
Category: General
Getting Pre-Award Information
Learn how to navigating pre-award information through many comprehensive databases for a complete award-seeking cycle, a personalized homepage displaying grant updates, and sections for finding other researchers and support materials on GrantForward.
Category: Managing
Managing Users as Target Audience
Learn how to manage users at your institutions according to individuals, groups, or units so that you can easily disseminate grants to the target audience.
Category: Recommendation
Receiving Grant Recommendations
Learn how to build a researcher profile and receive grant recommendations tailored to your research interests.
Category: Search
Finding Grants
Learn how to search for grants using keywords and filters, save searches to get alerts of grants, and build a grant list to keep track of favorite grants.