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WHAT IS DANTES? DANTES provides education and career-planning programs at no-cost to actively-serving U.S. military members, including those in the National Guard, Reserve components and the U.S. Coast Guard. Our Defense programs can help a military member at every stage of their military career, from entry into the service to the final stage of transition to the civilian workforce. In a nutshell, DANTES provides quality education programs that make better service members today and more efficient citizens tomorrow. The Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) receives oversight from the Defense Human Resources Activity (DHRA). It is an office within the Defense Support Services Center (DSSC) providing consolidated management of Defense Voluntary Education (VolEd) programs to help prevent duplication of effort among the Services. We are committed to helping service members gain the knowledge they need to achieve their education goals, advance in their military careers, and transition into the civilian workforce at the conclusion of their military services.
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