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366 Tuskegee Airmen Drive, Building 352, Patrick Space Force Base, FL 32925-3399
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**CORE VALUES** **Talent** Innate or developed abilities and skills possessed by individuals that can contribute to high performance and innovation. Recognizing, developing, and utilizing the full spectrum of talent across this Nation and within our teams is paramount to sustained excellence. **Dignity** The inherent worth and value of all individuals, which must be upheld in the workplace. Dignity is the foundation of respect. It is the basis of safety and the well-being of our people, and it promotes engagement and professionalism. **Innovation** Applying a broad and unique set of methods, applications, and technologies toward new opportunities. Innovation equips teams to conquer new challenges. It happens when we draw from all corners of our Nation’s talent pool, the Department, and within our teams. **Resilience** The capacity to sustain high performance and integrity across a spectrum of challenges. Resilience protects against risks and enables individuals and teams to overcome adversity. It ensures that teams remain agile and adaptive to realize new opportunities.
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