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**About WHS** WHS is the designated support and service provider of human resources, facilities, resource management, contracting, personnel security, research, equal employment opportunity, and executive services for the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Staff, the Military Departments, other select DoD Components in the National Capital Region and beyond, Congress, and the White House. **Mission, Vision, Values** The foundations of WHS emphasize our commitment to providing leading services and support to our mission partners to enable their defense of the Nation. Mission: Washington Headquarters Services is the designated service provider for the Office of the Secretary of Defense and select Department of Defense Components. WHS enables mission partners’ success by delivering high-quality, convenient services which align to and support the National Defense Strategy and provide an exceptional customer experience every time. Vision: We are a trusted, innovative service provider with an empowered workforce that enables our customers to meet or exceed their mission. Values: We have integrity, we are trustworthy, we are customer-centric, we are innovative, and we are results-oriented.
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